Please contact Sean for available times, the schedule is usually flexible. Sean’s current rate for instruction is

• 45$ per hour

• 35$ for 45 minutes

• 55$ per hour for most group lessons

• 25$ per half hour

Lessons can be divided into one hour or half hour lessons once a week or every other week. The ideal lesson structure for adults is one hour once a week, however not everyone has the budget or practice time for this - so other options are available.



Give the gift of guitar to yourself or others with your credit card or paypal account. Please confirm schedule availability before purchase. Your purchase is good for one year.
One month of guitar lessons gift
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It is benificial to take music instruction from teachers with formal music backgrounds. This enables the instructor to effectively convey ideas and teach good habits. If budget is a concern take shorter or fewer lessons with focused practice. Sean can guarantee results -with practice- from anyone. Sean has successfully instructed students with learning disabilities and the blind.

Lessons can be taught at Sean’s music studio near SAIT (1327 21 avenue NW), or in your own home (however the 45$ per hour will be charged for travel time), or online with video chat technology. Sean can teach rock, classical, jazz, blues, progressive, country and funk. Once you book a lesson you will be required to sign a lesson policy, this can be read and printed by clicking below.

Lesson policy