Lesson Policy for 1st in Entertaiment guitar and bass studios






  1. Payment must be paid at the end of each lesson or in advance at the beginning of the month. I do prefer monthly payments as I have had some problems with students missing lessons. Lesson scheduling is up to you, but you are responsible for attending the lessons you book. I accept cash or cheque.
  2. Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours before a lesson. If you do not notify me 24 hours before your lesson time Iím not obligated to teach a makeup lesson. The exception to this rule is a family or medical emergency. A makeup lessons will be provided around my schedule and must be taken in same month (otherwise you will lose it). If do not attend your lessons, you will lose your money. If I need to reschedule or cancel a lesson you will receive a lesson credit valid for one year. I will extend the same courtesy by letting you know promptly. 
  3. Lateness: You are responsible for attending your lessons on time. If youíre late Iím not obligated to teach longer. At my discretion I will often teach your full lesson time if I have no prior engagements. This is one of the advantages of taking lessons outside a commercial studio. 
  4. Rates: My current rate is 45$ per hour. You can divide this anyway you like, thirty-minute or one hour lessons in timeslots of your choice. This rate is reasonable and standard for a teacher with my education and experience. Like anything you get what you pay for, my qualifications allow me to teach more comprehensively and effectively.
  5. Travel: I can teach lessons at my studio (1327 21 avenue NW) or in your home. Lessons in your home will incur a travel charge, I charge 45$ per hour for travel to and from your home determined by map quest. Additional charges may apply for rush hour.





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