Good Question - Sean's solo project website

Crazy Lady Records - The record label that own iForani. Sean plays bass for the project

Groove Shark - the website for music streaming

1st in Entertainment DJ and Live music service - Sean's DJ and Live music company handling private parties, weddings, and corporate events

Sean's songwriting site - Sean works as a film and TV composer

U of C music program - Where Sean studied composition and the classical guitar

Printable chord chart

Rideau music - The number one store in Calgary for purchasing music books. You will likely have to visit this store to buy some of your lesson books.

Guitar strings by mail - Great website for order speciality and coated strings. They have the best prices I've seen for some of those items. - A great place to go shopping for a used guitar

Kijiji - Another place to find a used guitar

Classical guitar Del Camp - classical guitar forum

Pavan guitar - Quality classical guitar maker

Bernunzio - Quality online guitars shipped to your door. Nice selection of classicals.

Cash converters - useful store near my studio for buying used guitars, know your prices!

Long and McQuade - One of the largest stores in town to buy a new guitar (watch for sales). All other accessories are available.

Axe Music The most affordable store in town to stock up on guitar strings (some strings are 4$ per pack!). One of the largest stores to buy a new guitar (watch for sales). All guitar accessories are available.

Guitarworks - Close to my our studio, new guitars and guitar accessories.

Vintage Music -1 block away from Sean's studio. Prices are a bit inconsistent, repairs and ordering items in can be extremely slow.

Ralf Buschmeyer - One of the top jazz guitar players in Calgary, Sean studied with him - Great place to check out independent bands!

Ultimate guitar tabs - #1 source for guitar tabs - good place to find all sorts of music - good source of interesting and new legal music downloads

CPO - Calgary's professional orchestra, you should go to a performance!

Boston Guitar lessons - A colleague of Sean who instructs in Boston



Sheerwater Rook - Another great band

John Scofield - Famous jazz guitar player

Wes Montgomery - Famous jazz guitar player

Oscar Lopez - Famous Latin guitar player who now resides in Calgary

Sled Island - Great rock/pop festival held in Calgary

Virgin Festival - Great rock/pop festival held in Calgary

Calgary Blues Festival

Calgary Folk Fest

My Space Music - Great place to check out unsigned acts - Large listing of local bands

Gary Jules - Great "Wuss" rock

Frontline Assembly - Very cool Canadian industrial band

Muse - Great electronic/indy band

Paco Pena - Famous Flamenco player

Gypsy Kings - Famous popular Latin group

Primus - Avante guarde bass playing. It's strange but sophisticated

Stars - One of Sean's favorite indy pop groups

Wolfmother - New group that sounds like Led Zeppelin

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Cool Canadian rock group

Pepe Romero - Famous classical guitar player

Segovia - The father of modern classical guitar

Liona Boyd - Famous Canadian classical guitarist

Calgary Classical guitar society - See some of the best players around

Calgary Civic Symphony - Great orchestra and less expensive to see

3 - The band with a number for a name. Great Flamenco metal!

Dream Theatre - One of the best progressive bands around

The Decemberists - One of my favorite Indy bands

Last FM - A resource for finding new music by category

Calgary Audio Visual - Your Calgary source for projectors, speakers and lighting. Great for renting gear for gigs!

Boston guitar lessons - A colleagues instructional website, free internet tips are provided.