Click here to visit Sean's youtube channel and watch him play. Also featured here is a live performance of Sean with professional cover band "Hippie Snax."


    Sean Goebel has been teaching numerous students in Calgary of all levels from age four to sixty for the last ten years. Sean also has experience instructing the blind and learning disabled. Sean graduated in 2006 from the University of Calgary music program with his bachelors degree in guitar and composition. During his studies Sean was awarded numerous scholarships for academic merit and composing. Sean can compose for solo instruments, chamber groups and orchestras. In addition to a music degree, Sean has studied guitar and under professionals like Jake Solomans (classical guitar), Scott Howe (classical guitar), Rubim Toledo (jazz bass) and Ralf Buschmeyer (jazz guitar).  

Sean specializes in teaching folk, classical guitar, jazz, rock, theory and funk but is capable of teaching bass and almost any style due to his performance background. Sean has been playing professionally for ten years with a variety of ensembles ranging from the U of C Big Band to rock bands like Hippie Snax and Good Question This enables Sean to offer expert advice on subjects like vocals, starting a band and recording equipment. Sean has recently completed producing, performing and engineering his third professional album.

Sean’s philosophy on teaching is simple and based around what the student is driven to learn and accomplish. Sean states, “It is important that the student is playing music that they enjoy – practice should be enjoyable.” This thinking allows Sean to create a flexible lesson structure where both the teacher and the student have input. Sean mentions, “if theory is to be taught it should be useful and integrated into playing the guitar, not just separated into pen and paper exercises.”  Sean can teach a simple lesson structure based around learning songs, or teach with a more formal approach involving music reading, theory, and ear training. Sean has experience and high success preparing students for Royal Conservatory exams in theory or guitar. Sean even helped one of his students  into the the Young Canadians vocal group.